Youth Band Auditions

We are proud to announce the 24th season of the Triangle Youth Brass Bands! For over two decades, the TYBB program has maintained a tradition of excellence through performing while fostering the growth of young brass and percussion musicians throughout central North Carolina.

The TYBB is looking for the highest caliber musicians on trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and percussion. There are three bands, placement being determined by audition.

Students must:

  • Be In the 8th-12th grades.
  • Be accomplished on their instruments
  • Be enrolled in their school band program for the full academic year.
  • Make a commitment to all dates on the schedule. 

If you have conflicts with anything on the schedule, contact the Artistic Director to see if it will prevent participation.

Application Process

  • All musicians interested in auditioning for the Triangle Youth Brass Bands must complete an online registration form.
  • After the registration form has been submitted, the form will give you a link to sign up for an audition time.
  • * If you are auditioning for the first time with the TYBB, a letter of recommendation is required from your band director or private instructor. This can be emailed to the Artistic Director.
  • Download and prepare the required audition solo.


Brass Audition Material

Brass players are required to perform the 2020 audition solo and sight reading. If you wish to be considered for the Watson Brass Band you must play both sections. If you wish to be considered for the Triangle Youth Brass Band and Triangle Youth Academy Brass Band only, you may play just the first section. However, it is recommended that you attempt the second section as well.


Percussion Audition Material

Percussionists are required to perform the 2020 audition solos for snare drum, AND timpani, AND mallets (xylophone or marimba). The audition location will have instruments; you will need to bring your own music, sticks, and mallets.


Audition Day Procedures

Your time commitment on the day of your audition will be no more than 30 minutes. There will be 10 auditions per hour.  Arrive approximately 20 minutes early to check-in and warm up before your audition. When you finish, you may leave.


  • When you arrive, check in with the audition coordinator, and fill out the audition form.
  • Warm up in any available room.
  • Be outside the audition room 5 minutes before your scheduled audition time. The judges will call you in at your time. 
  • Notification of placement into the Youth bands will be by e-mail, so please make sure your information is correct on the registration.
  • In the audition room: Play your prepared selections, then the sight-reading. You do NOT need extra copies of the solo for the judges. You must play straight through the sight-reading selection without stopping.


**Please do not contact the facility for any reason regarding brass band auditions. They have no information regarding our activities.**


All questions should be sent to: Jesse Rackley (Artistic Director) at




2020-2021 Audition Information

September 7 – Cary School of Music


Click here to register for auditions – coming soon!

TYBB Handbook 20-21 – coming soon!
TYBB Prelim Schedule 20-21

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