Triangle Brass Band Personnel

The Triangle Brass Band composed of the finest volunteer brass and percussion players from the greater Research Triangle Park area.  Members of our band come together from a variety of backgrounds to provide high quality classical music concerts for fans in and around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary, North Carolina. We invite you to come hear superb live music at one of our many concerts this season. If you would like to play in the Triangle Brass Brand, please contact us for more information at

Lisa Burn, Solo 1
Renee Todd, Solo 2
Brian Breneman, Solo 3
Cole Merricks, Solo 4
Mitch Townley, Eb Sop
Kyle Ellington, Repiano
Josh Krause, Repiano
Albert Boulus, 2nd
John Enloe, 2nd
Cameron Brewer, 3rd
Wes Tilley, 3rd

Bob Peckham

Tenor Horn
Whitney Beaver, Solo
Eric Stauffer, Solo
Alisa Morse, 1st
Wayne Vaughn, 2nd

Connie Varner, 1st
James Wagner, 2nd

Dave Beitzel, Solo
Richard Waterman, Solo
Jay Hornaday, 2nd
Harvey Turner, Bass

Don Palmire, Solo
Bobby Warren, 2nd

Lee Jacobs, Solo Eb
Jessica Leighton, Eb Bass 2
MacKenzie Garner, BBb 1
Joshua Carter, BBb 2

Simon Capell
Casey D’Sola
Nanako Armstrong
Ryan Johnson

Tony Granados

We are Grateful to Our Sponsors for their Support of Great Brass Music