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The Triangle Youth Brass Bands now accepts online payments for dues and travel using either PayPal or Venmo.  We’re happy to accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH and direct payments from PayPal.  Triangle Brass Bands is a nonprofit organization that runs on a very limited budget – if it is an option for you, please choose the Friends and Family payment method with PayPal or use a Debit Card with Venmo, which insures that we pay no transaction costs and 100% of your payment goes to providing the best Triangle Youth Brass Bands experience.

Finally, please include your student’s name and the purpose of the payment when making a payment!  Both PayPal and Venmo have a memo or notes area that you can use for this purpose.


Please send PayPal payments to

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Please send Venmo payments to @TriangleBrassBands

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We are Grateful to Our Sponsors for their Support of Great Brass Music